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How Good Night Kid was born… Meet the Founders

The Creative Founder of Good Night Kid is Buket Ozkan. Buket was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1973. Aspiring to become a professional designer at a very young age, she studied Fine Arts in college, graduated with honors from one of the most prominent art schools in Turkey (Mimar Sinan University). Buket started working at an advertising agency as an art director immediately upon graduation, became a creative director within 2 years. She received various nationwide awards for her unique designs and brands she created. In 2002, she founded her own advertising agency. She devoted herself to her career with passion and worked with joy. She guided many brands, made them grow, received awards. She thought that was her career for life.

Until one day she received the universe’s greatest gift; she became a mother and her life completely changed. On this journey, she was surprised to see thousands of badly designed items produced by factories that had no idea of children’s needs. She couldn’t believe how the world’s giant brands selling poorly designed beds with no consideration for child safety.

One day, her child who is her most precious gift in the world, fell out of bed despite all kinds of protection. Buket, who was very disappointed at this, sat down and designed the perfect bed for her child. She had many ideas in her mind; this bed should be made from the strongest wood, it should be disassembled and reassembled as desired, and the old and dangerous design of the railing system should never be used! All sides should be covered with a safe sponge. She said it should be plain so that everything on it stands out and looks beautiful.

Buket’s husband, Tolga Ozkan is the Engineering Founder of Good Night Kid. Her husband, who is an engineer with a PHD and an artist, was more meticulous and perfectionist than she was. He found the best tree and invented the strongest bed system.

And like that, the first Good Night Kid bed was born in an apartment and installed in their baby’s room.

It was so beautiful that everyone who saw the bed wished that they had their own.

Fast forward from there, today Good Night Kid has become the premium children’s bed of choice. With its patented design and premium production, it is  used with great admiration by all attentive mothers.

Our Focus

Children are the future of the world. We do our best in everything to make the world a better place for them. This is exactly why we founded Good Night Kid in 2017. We want all children to be able to reach their full potential. For this reason, we designed and implemented all the materials that families need for their precious children. All products are produced using the highest quality materials. It goes through many checks from production before it reaches your home to ensure we exceed our customers’ requirements.

The materials we use for our children’s beds are made from 100% natural, solid, and unfinished, top-quality trees. White Ash tree, known for its strength, stiffness, and hardness, is the main material we use in production. The ash wood profiles of all our beds are under our 2-year guarantee.

We believe that when you use a Montessori Bed, your child will grow up happily and safely, and will turn the world of the future into a more peaceful place. There is nothing that a child cannot do, when they are self-confident, has good childhood memories, and has a developed imagination and manual dexterity. They can do anything if they have a happy, conscious, and supportive family.


Our company name is VIP Smart Homes, Inc. We are based in Washington, USA and our products are artisan-made in Istanbul, Turkey.

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