Mounting Guide


Congratulations! You have a wonderful Montessori Bed.

This is one of the most beautiful, superior beds you can ever find. You can easily assemble and reassemble at any time.

Please follow the instructions below for an easy setup.

• Each wooden profile contains letters at both ends as in the diagram.

• Start the installation from the lower part of the Montessori bed.

• Firstly, group pieces of the same length together.

• Position the ends of the wooden profiles with the same labels (labels facing you) and assemble them with the long bolts provided.

• Begin the installation process with the installation of corners A1, A2, A3, and A4 respectively.

• Complete the assembly of corners B1, B2, B3, B4.

• At corners B1, B2, B3, B4, mount the lower sections of the roof arms using the short screws provided.

• Assemble the upper sections of the roof arms with the help of long bolts to form points C1 at the front and C2 at the rear.

• Finally, mount the C1–C2 profile on the top of the roof by positioning it correctly as in the picture.

A total of 20 bolts, 16 long and 4 short, and 2 Allen keys are placed in the box.

After completing the assembly, remove the labels. When it is necessary to disassemble again, you may mark it with a pencil.

Lay the slat on the floor so that the first and last slat strips are on the head and end of the bed.

Cleaning You can clean the wooden parts of your bed with a damp cloth. Do not wipe wet. Do not use heavy cleaning materials. Floor cleaning can be done by removing the slat of the bed.

Screw control Wood is a living material therefore any change in heat and air and heat can affect it. Check the tightness of the screws from time to time with the allen key provided.

Removing Stains If the wood surface is accidentally stained or stained with crayons, you can remove it with a very fine sanding (150 grit wood sandpaper).

Protection All parts of our Montessori beds are 100% solid wood. No harsh chemicals have been used in the production. In order to preserve its natural form, you can prepare a natural wax polish by melting 1 measurement of olive oil and 1 measurement of white beeswax. You can polish it with gauze. This application protects the tree from moisture, provides a smoother touch, brightens the colour slightly, and darkens the tone.

Storage Before disassembling your Montessori bed, you should re-mark the markings in the installation guide with a pencil. Then, in groups of 4, tape or tie tightly from the head, middle and end. You can store it in a dry and cool place. Storing disassembled for a long time may cause bending of the wood in places where temperatures are high.

Side Cushions Care Side cushions are zippered. It can be easily removed and cleaned with dry cleaning. Since it is a 100% natural cotton woven fabric, it should not be washed with water to prevent shrinking. Before the product is sent to you, it has been packaged by passing through high temperatures of steam. If you want to provide more hygiene for your child before the first use, you can use it by ironing it with a high steam pressure iron at home. If you are using a front pillow, do not use it during the day when they have just started walking, we only advise the front cushion to be used when your little one is sleeping.

Roof Tulle Tulle is washed and packed before it comes to you. You can wash it in the machine with a short program on a cold wash between 300-400C spinning mode, using a mild detergent and/or fabric softener. Do not use bleach.

All-round Coating Module Care Since its made from 100% natural cotton woven fabric, avoid washing the product to prevent shrinking. We only advise it to be dry cleaned. It can easily be removed and put back on. Before the product is sent to you, it is steamed at high temperatures and then packed. If you want to provide more hygiene for your baby before the first use, you can iron after putting the all-around coating module on your bed with a high steam pressure iron in your home.

Good Night Kid Montessori Bed – Mounting Video