Premium Plus Mattress – Queen Size (60″x80″)


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9 in stock

A Montessori floor mattress bed that never gets cold from the floor! Can be used safely together with mother and baby. It is a medium-hard top segment mattress. You can use it from infancy to adolescence. Thanks to its special content structure, as your baby grows, a lower layer of the mattress comes into play and contributes to the healthy development of your child’s spine. When families choose Montessori beds for their children, their main concern is the fear of getting cold from the floor. The goodnight kid Premium mattress has been specially designed taking this into account. Therefore, the bottom layer of Premium Plus Mattress is made using high amounts of cashmere wool. In this way, it never gets cold from the ground. While the Cocolok layer ensures a hard orthopedic, long-lasting, and non-collapsing mattress. Thanks to its top layer made from natural latex, it ensures a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. Good Night kid Premium mattress is the most suitable inner bed for all our Good Night kid beds.

It is the most suitable inner mattress for all Good Night Kid Montessori Beds.

In order for the side cushions to provide full protection, the inner mattress height should be max 6″

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Zippered Outer Cover made from Organic Cotton

Good Night Kid always produces the best and healthy products for your child. The outer cover of your mattress is made of Oeko-Tex® certified pure cotton.
Thanks to its cotton outer cover, it balances your baby’s body temperature and absorbs sweat. It’s a great choice for the skin. Thanks to its breathable soft texture, it provides a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby. It can be easily removed and washed.

Natural Latex Top Layer Made with Rubber Tree Milk

It is the highest level material to be preferred for your child’s spine development. Since it is produced using natural rubber tree milk, it has natural anti-mite and Antiallergic properties. Thanks to the air channels in its structure, it prevents sweating. It supports your child’s skeletal development as it reacts independently to the pressure applied to each area. Unlike spring mattresses, people of different weights are not affected by each other’s movements when they sleep side by side. Thanks to its flexible structure, it adapts very well to the movements during sleep.

Middle Layer made from Anti-bacterial Coconut Fiber

Coconut is a product that adapts naturally to the human body. Its fibers hardly wear out over time. It has the feature of keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. Produced by squeezing natural latex extract on the coconut plate, cocolok has a hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties due to its natural essence. It offers the advantages of both materials at the same time. It is a very high-quality product used in new generation mattresses. It helps to establish the hardness-softness balance of the mattress.

100% Pure Cashmere Wool Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of the Good Night Kid Premium Mattress is made from pure Kazakhstan Cashmere Wool. Despite its silky softness, this very high-end material is excellent at protecting from the cold. It is used as the bottom layer to prevent your child from being affected by the cold on the floor mattress. The Cashmere Wool used is processed in Italy with a patented natural washing method. This process is under the supervision of the Global Organic Textile Standard


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