This custom order includes the Good Night Kid Montessori Full-size Floor Bed, with a modified front cushion that is lengthened so that it closes the front fully.

  • This bed order includes the bed frame, the mattress support, and the 4 cushions.
  • End to end bed measurement is 61.5″ x 86.6″
  • Inner mattress area measurement is 54″ x 75″ (full size). The inner mattress is not included.
  • Cushion measurements:
    • Short side cushion (2 Pieces): Length: 54″,  Height: 21.7″,  Thickness: 4″
    • Long back cushion:  Length: 83″,  Height: 21.7″,  Thickness: 4″
    • Long front cushion: Length: 83″,  Height: 20.7″,  Thickness: 4″ (Cushion sits on front bottom post which is an inch higher than the height of the mattress support; total height of all cushions are even). Velcro-type reinforcement attachments on 2 sides make it easy
  • Cushion cover: 100% natural raw cotton woven fabric. Cushion foam: 1.9 high density foam. Cover care: Dry Cleaning only.

DHL Express Shipping within the continental US is also included in the price of this order.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON CUSTOM ORDERS. Please review details before you finalize your order.

Thank you for your interest and trust in Good Night Kid!