What is The Difference of Good Night Kid Montessori Bed?

Good Night Kid Montessori Yatak farkı  Quality of the Wood:

The Good Night Kid Montessori bed is made from very high-quality products. It is produced from white ash wood, which is known as the most durable and smooth tree in the World. We produce reliable furniture, which will allow children to move freely and unhindered. For Good Night Kid Montessori beds, we only use solid Ash wood, which is known for its durability and longevity. This precious tree is preferred in the making of the most valuable instruments used for centuries.
Although beds made out of pine, beech, and other tree types from the same family are cheaper, they should not be preferred when it comes to your child’s safety.

Good Night Kid Montessori Yatak Farkı Modüler Fully Disassembled:

We prefer to use Ashwood, not only because of its magnificent texture and colour, but also because we can install a screwing system as strong as we want. This reliability is not possible in any other types of wood.
For us, disassembled means that each point can be disassembled and reassembled many times and can be easily installed. There is a steel dowel slot inside the profiles. The assembly of the bed is made with a 10 cm steel bolt and an allen key. It is very easy to install.
You can disassemble all the parts of the Good Night Kid Montessori Bed, place it easily in a flat box and store it.

blankDesign Difference:

Good Night Kid Montessori Mattress is produced in two sizes, Large and Small. Our floor bed is without a roof but has higher side cushions.
The roof of the Good Night Kid Home Bed is mounted on the long side and all dimensions and angles are at a very high level in terms of aesthetics. Our big bed is designed for use with mother and baby, the bed dimensions are suitable for the mother’s ergonomics and it provides comfortable use.
Instead of buying all the different types of mattresses needed from infancy to adolescence, you can raise your child with only one single mattress. Combinations and accessories are designed to solve every period and need.

blank Side Cushions Positions:

Side cushions can be used in many different positions. Good Night kid bed can be disassembled from a newborn to a toddler thanks to the side cushions which are one of the most special features. Side cushions can be removed by using the selection. If you want, you can have a bed with 4 sides closed or a ‘U’ shaped bed by extending the short side of the feet. If needed, they can be taken on top of each other or the protected area can be made more by raising them on the profile. You can even use both the edges and the ‘All-Round Closure Module’ at the same time. When your child grows up and wants to have a PJ party with their friends, all the pillows can be laid out in front of the bed and can be turned into a guest bed. With the side cushions, you can create a solution for every need.

blank Security Difference:

Side rail? Protective Side Cushions? The answer is, of course, the protective side cushions. Sensitive parents instinctively know that the railings can cause trouble for their children. You can never be sure of what a child will do when. If we had foresight about what could happen to children, we wouldn’t call them children. While they are in search of curiosity, exploration, and entertainment, these narrow and hard spaces on the bedside can cause injuries or even fractures by pinching their hands, arms and legs. On the other hand, the handrails on the floor bed, which are taken to prevent children from falling out of the bed, may cause the child to fall on their head by hanging down over the railing. The protective edge cushions of the Good Night Kid Montessori Beds are free from all the risks we have mentioned above.

Let your child be safe while sleeping and playing…