Good Night Kid – Introduction

The GoodNight Kid Montessori bed is very functional:
Can be used from baby to adolescence.
Saves you money as you won’t need to buy different beds as your child grows up.
Made from natural White ash Wood. One of the most special types of wood.
* Anti-allergic feature
* Harmless for your child
* No scent
* No harmful chemicals or glue used
* All parts are very easy to install
* Enables a healthy, hygienic, safe, and a long-lasting sleep

All About The Side Cushions

– One of the best reasons for having a GoodNight Kid Montessori bed is the side cushions. It enables:
·       Comfort for both you and your child
·       Each side cushion has velcro, which can be easily adjusted and reassembled
·       The long side cushion can be used to cover the front of the bed to avoid your child rolling whilst sleeping
·       If your baby has just started walking we only advise you to use the front side cushion when they are sleeping
·       Prevents cold air from coming in
·       Side cushions can be raised to increase the pillow height
·       100% organic cotton. Only dry cleaning. Zippers can be easily removed and cleaned
·       30 Density hardness side cushions
·       All materials are sterilized before they are packed
·       No need to worry about cleaning or disinfecting the side cushions. Can be used with confidence

Why Good Night Kid Premium Plus Mattress?

·       It has been specially designed to support your child’s spine health
·       You can buy one mattress and use it from baby to adolescence

We only advise the Premium Plus Mattress to be used with the Montessori bed because:
·       Fits perfectly with the side cushions
·       Ideal height is 15cm
·       No need to worry about floor beds being cold from the floor due to its organic cashmere wool texture which provides warmth
·       100% certified cashmere wool prevents the cold

Hard beds are recommended for children’s spine development for this reason Good Night Kid Beds have been developed:
·       Top Layer- Natural latex- prevents sweating
·       Middle Layer- antibacterial cocolok layer
·       Inner Layer- Cotton
·       Premium Plus Mattress cover is made from Organic Cotton
·       Can be easily washed in the washing machine
·       Premium Plus Mattress is the best mattress  you can find

You can easily remove the side cushion covers and have them dry cleaned. We only advise dry cleaning to avoid shrinking as it’s made from organic cotton.

Can The Pillow Cases Be Removed?

Which Montessori Bed is Suitable For You?

·       If your little one is on its way we advise you to choose our Large Bed. As you can use it from baby to adolescence.
·       If your child has started sleeping on their own or if you have twins. Also if you have a small room you can choose our Small Bed.
·       In the Montessori philosophy, a floor bed is recommended so you don’t have to have a roof, we have the floor bed option available for you. Floor bed side cushions are higher.

Can I Set-up Easily by Myself ?

The lower the bed the safer it is for your child.
When the bed is raised, dust can build up under. Looking for things that have rolled underneath such as pens, books, and toys can be frustrating.
Good Night Kid Montessori Bed has been specially designed so the mattress fits on the slat and the slat sits on the floor. Adding legs to the bed means less weight limit and poor safety. Beds that are on the floor are safer for children as it has no weight limit.

Can You Add Legs to Raise Montessori Bed From The Floor?

Do I Need to do Anything to Take Care of The Wood?

White Ash wood is naturally very strong so you dont need to do anything to take extra care.