Montessori House Bed – Front Covering Module


10 in stock

10 in stock

One of the biggest needs when raising your little one is to ensure that they have a safe place to sleep. That’s why many of the families who use our bed love it so much that they apply different solutions for different times.

Exclusive to Good Night Kid Home Mattresses, this module, which covers the front surface with a net, provides versatile protection for your baby.

This new module, which you can easily attach to your Good Night Kid bed and which you will need during your baby grow up, will be very useful for you…

When you use it with the “All Around Covering Module”, you cover the top, sides and front of your bed.

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Montessori House Bed – Front Covering Module

  • This module is used to cover the front  of the Good Night Kid House Bed.
  • Made of net, velcro and cotton fabric.
  • It has a zipper system that can be opened and closed from inside and outside the bed.
  • It should only be dry cleaned. Do not wash with water.
  • Compatible with all 190cm long Good Night Kid beds.
  • Can be used together with the front cushion.
  • Fully secure thanks to strong velcro connections.


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