Montessori Bed – All Around Closing Module

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If you think that the house bed must have the roof and the wall, this montessori bed is for you.

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Montessori Bed – All Around Closing Module

  • This module is used instead of the roof tulle and two short side cushions.
  • It is a fabric made of 100% pure cotton.
  • The fabric is %100 natural. No chemical process has been applied.
  • Only dry cleaning should be done to avoid shrinking.
  • İt is assembled to the montessori bed with sturdy velcro tape.
  • It is easy to assemble. Firsty, the velcro tape is fastened to the left lower side, and then fastened to the right lower side with passed over the top of the montessori bed.

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80x140cm, 90x190cm, 120x190cm


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