Good Night Kid Hakkımızda

Good Night Kid is owned and operated by three lifelong friends – Tolga, Buket and Ashley. Bringing over their decades of experiences, they started a business together to fulfill their dream to change the world for the better; by creating thoughtful, beautiful and natural products for children and families while being exemplary partners to their colleagues, their community and the Nature.

How Good Night Kid was born… Meet the Team

The Creative Founder of Good Night Kid is Buket Ozkan. Buket is an artist with 20+ years of creative leadership and Brand positioning experience. Aspiring to become a professional designer at a very young age, Buket studied Fine Arts in college, graduating with honors from one of the most prominent Fine Art University in Istanbul MUGSF. She quickly climbed up the professional ladder in advertising agency: she became a creative director within 2 years and received various nationwide awards for her unique designs and brands she created. In 2002, she founded her own advertising agency, Taxi Creative Solutions, and guided many brands, made them grow, received awards.

After more than 15 years, she received the universe’s greatest gift and became a mother, which ultimately led to her next professional chapter in life. On this journey, she was surprised to see poorly designed, low-quality products – including beds- manufactured in factories and sold in masses, that had no consideration for families’ needs. Something needed to be done.

She had many design ideas for the ideal bed in her mind; this bed should be made from the strongest wood, it should be disassembled and reassembled as desired, and the old and dangerous design of the railing system should never be used. All sides should be covered with a safe sponge. It should be plain so that everything on it stands out and looks beautiful.

That’s where Tolga stepped in:

Buket’s husband, Tolga Ozkan is the Engineering Founder of Good Night Kid. Tolga is an agricultural engineer with a phD in Occupational Health and Safety. He is an inventor and is also a certified craftsman in Woodworking who is recognized for his meticulous and perfectionist work. Tolga is also a recording artist, who is an avid piano, guitar and drums player. When it came to building the beds Buket designed, it was second nature to him to combine engineering with esthetics, and safety with natural elements. He chose the perfect tree type to use, invented a bed system that combined the beautiful artisan woodwork with sturdy frames and practical use of the side cushions.

They installed the first manufactured in their baby’s room. The bed they created was so beautiful that everyone who saw the bed wished that they had their own. And like that, the first Good Night Kid bed was born in an apartment in Istanbul in 2017. ❤️

Ashley joined forces with them soon after:

Ashley Hayertz leads the Business Expansion for Good Night Kid. Ashley has 25+ years of experience in e-commerce and consulting business owners in international markets. Her last corporate job was at Amazon where she worked for 12 years; her roles included overseeing strategic business development, managing the business intelligence and strategy team to help Global Sales and International Seller Services at Amazon Marketplaces, and managing the ecommerce accounts for US retail companies utilizing Amazon ecommerce services. Prior to joining Amazon in 2010, she held various leadership roles in technology companies and working closely with international investors in structuring top notch client services departments for start-up companies. So when it was time to bring Good Night Kid to many more families with premium partner and customer service support behind it, Ashley took the lead to expand the brand beyond its local borders.

With its lovely and patented design, premium materials, construction and durability, Good Night Kid is becoming the bed of choice by families and designers who are looking for the best offering available.