Why the Montessori bed for every child?

Instinctively, every mother does the best she can to her child. If you have some late children, your consciousness will be opened further, your child settles into the only focal point in the universe for you. Then you want what’s right for her every need.

The idea of the Montessori philosophy is “to help the children, to support them in their own needs to be done”. To prepare a child’s room that can go into bed on its own, get up safely when it needs the night is not only the child’s needs, but also the parents. Mothers and fathers who are not worried about her being safe in bed, falling, leaving in the dark at night, sleep more peacefully.

With the new Montessori bed concept, which is the patented design of the Good Night Kid, children rooms are now much bigger.

In general, placing the bed on the edge of the wall is the best to design. However, at the ordinary Montessori beds whice is not designed by Good Night Kid, the roofs of the beds are placed on the short side of the bed. Reason for, it does not require special design, is ordinary, sloppy and cheap production costs. But it certainly has the wrong results. The bed you liked in the product image may loss own house bed view when is placed the room. Because, you will not be able to place the short side of the bed to the edge of the wall in the middle of the room. If you place it you may not see the roof shape. Moreover, even if you can do this, it would not be reasonable to split the child’s play area in half. That’s why the roof of the Good Night Kid’s Montessori bed is placed on the long side, and all dimensions and angles are designed at a very high level in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics usage. It is very easy to transport due to the fact that it is disassembled product. The joints are very durable.

You can help to support your child’s imagination by diversifying roof accessories. You can decorate according to your own taste if you want, or visit our website to follow the roof combinations that produced for you.