1-The closer to the floor, the safer
The reason why the mattress is recommended in the Montessori method is to ensure that children can use the bed safely. When the bed is raised from the floor and the height of the inner bed is added to it, falling from the bed can damage it.

2- More hygiene
While cleaning your home, you may have noticed how quickly the places you wipe out are dusty. Dusts on the floor, hair etc. can be gathered in the house, along with the breeze, especially at the edges and corners of the rooms. This means that when your mattress is higher than the floor, you can constantly spend effort for the bottom of your mattress.

3- More useful for kids
Toys take up a lot of space in your children’s life and are very important to them. For children of all ages, their tiny toys or pencils rolling and running under the bed will not be something that you and your child have to enjoy.

4- Robust and ergonomic
The weight gets on the frame when your bed is raised from the floor. This limits the carrying capacity. However, there is no weight limit in the Good Night Kid Bed.  the slats is independent of the bed frame. The floor is cleaned by easily removing it from the bed.

5-Healthy inner bed environment
In classic box spring beds, the bed is placed on a flat surface and the bed does not get air as there is no gap between the bottom surface and the bed. Due to the Good Night Kid’s slats design, the bed is not touching the floor and your bed gets air.

Because of these five important reasons, our Montessori beds are not made higher than the floor.