What is difference of Good Night Kid Montessori Bed?

Good Night Kid Montessori Yatak farkı  Wooden Quality:

Good Night Kid Montessori Bed, unlike other counterparts sold, is not made of a lightweight wood like pine. Because the pine wood is not strong enough for us. We produce reliable furniture that will enable children to move as they want and without hindrance. We only use solid Ash wood known for its durability and long life to produce Good Night Kid Montessori Bed. The most valuable instruments used for centuries are made using this valuable wood. We prefer to have such a valuable wood not only because of its magnificent texture and color, but also to be able to set up a strong screwing system.

Good Night Kid Montessori Yatak Farkı Modüler Modularity:

For us, disassembled means that each point can be dismantled and reassembled repeatedly. Almost none of the other Montessori beds are fully modular. You can easily place the Good Night Kid Montessori bed in a flat box. In other brand montessori beds, the roof connections also need to be sticked. And so they lose their purity. Therefore, these products are not fully modular for us.


Good Night Kid Montessori Bed is produced in two sizes as Large and Small size. The roof design is special. In general, placing the bed on the edge of the wall is the best to design. However, at the ordinary Montessori beds which is not designed by Good Night Kid, the roofs of the beds are placed on the short side of the bed. Reason for, it does not require special design, is ordinary, sloppy and cheap production costs. But it certainly has the wrong results. The bed you liked in the product image may loss own house bed view when is placed the room. Because, you will not be able to place the short side of the bed to the edge of the wall in the middle of the room. If you place it you may not see the roof shape. Moreover, even if you can do this, it would not be reasonable to split the child’s play area in half. That’s why the roof of the Good Night Kid’s Montessori bed is placed on the long side, and all dimensions and angles are designed at a very high level in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics usage. It is very easy to transport due to the fact that it is disassembled product. The joints are very durable.


How many different uses does a bed have? lots! if it’s for the Goodnight kid.
The side cushion of the Good Night Kid beds can be removed and installed on the desired side. Thus, you can have 4-sided closed bed or ‘U’ shaped bed by removing the short side pillow at the foot end. If needed, they can be stacked on top of each other or the protection area can be made deeper by raising them all together on the profile. You can even use both the edge pad and the All-Round Closure Module at the same time if you want.
When your child grows up and wants to have a slumber party with his friend, all the pillows can be brought in front of the bed and turned into a guest bed. In short, you can produce a solution for every need.


Edge wooden guardrail? Protective Side Cushion? The answer is the protective side cushion. Sensitive parents also know that the guardrails may cause problems to the child. You can never be sure what a child will do when. If we had already predicted what could happen to children, we would not call them children. While they are in search of curiosity, discovery and fun, these narrow and tight spaces on the edge of the bed can cause their hands, arms and legs to be squeezed or even broken. On the other hand, the guardrails edge of the bed may cause the child to fall over the his/her head. Please Attention The protective side cushions of the Good Night Kid Montessori bed are far from all the risks we have just mentioned.

 Keep your child safe while both asleep and playing…