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PREMIUM PLUS MATTRESS -80x180cm (31,4×70,8inc)

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Organic cotton washable cover, natural latex top layer, cashmere wool sub layer and anti bacterial cocolok middle layer.

Dimensions: 80x180x15cm (31,4×70,8×5,9inc)

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Organic Cotton Cover with Zipper

Good Night Kid always produces the best and healthiest for your child. The outer cover of your bed is made from Oeko-Tex® certified pure cotton.

Natural Latex Top Layer Made with Rubber Tree Milk

It is the highest proper of material to be preferred for your child’s spine developing healthy. It has Antimite and Antiallergic properties since it is produced using natural rubber tree milk. It prevents sweating thanks to its air ducts. Unlike spring beds, people who different weights are not affected by each other’s movements when sleeping side by side. Thanks to its flexible structure, it adapts very well to the movements during sleep.

Anti-bacterial Coconut Fiber Middle Layer

Coconut is a product that adapts naturally to the human body. The coconut fibers do not be eroded out over time.
It keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. it is hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. It is a first class product used in new generation beds. It helps to hardness-softness balance of the bed.

100% Pure Cashmere Wool Sublayer

The sub layer of Good Night Kid Premium Beds is pure Kazakhstan Cashmere Wool. This very special material is perfect for protecting against cold despite its silky softness. It is used as the sub layer to prevent your child from being affected by the cold. Cashmere Wool used is processed in Italy by a patented natural washing method. This process is under the control of Global Organic Textile Standard.


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