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  • Montessori Small Bed 

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  • Montessori bed slats

    Montessori Small Bed Slats

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  • Cocuk-yatak-bariyer140cm-650x650

    Montessori Small Bed – Long Side Cushion

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  • Bariyer-yastik-80cm-650x650

    Montessori Small Bed – Short Side Cushion

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  • Montessori-bed-roof-tulle

    Montessori Bed – Roof Tulle

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10 in stock

10 in stock

For the US market, this bed is sent as a “Crib Size” bed (inner mattress area is 28×52 inch) For the European market, 80x140cm (inner mattress area)

Please contact us for different size Montessori beds.

Good Night Kid – Small size full Pack Montessori bed, has been designed so it can be used from infancy to childhood and from childhood to adolescence. The roof is covered with a specially made tulle. In this way, you can contribute to your child’s imagination. Except for the full package, an extra-long side cushion can be purchased and all 4 sides can be closed.

Good Night Kid Montessori Bed’s are produced from 100% White Ash wood without any use of paint, varnish, glue, or any harmful chemicals.For the safety and protection of our precious children, the Good Night Kid Montessori Large Bed Full Package has only been produced from White Ashwood. As it is the safest tree for babies and children. It is strong, smooth, and does not form splinters.

All parts of the Good Night Kid Montessori Bed’s are disassembled and can be safely reassembled and disassembled many times. Glue is not used in any way. It is completely pure and toxic-free.

Protective side cushions provide full protection for babies and children. The railing system that creates a safety issue in children’s beds is never used in Good Night Kid Montessori beds. Protective side cushions are produced from 100% pure cotton fabric. No dye or bleach is used. It is zippered and can be disassembled. The inner sponge is 30 density 1st class sponge.

The full package includes; Montessori Small Bed frame + 2 short and 1 long side cushions + slat placed on the ground under the inner mattress + special sewing roof tulle.

Please contact us for a special production in different sizes.

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Montessori Small Bed – FULL PACKAGE Content; 

Montessori Bed  

  • Width=90cm (35in)  Lenght=150cm(59in)
  • The inner mattress size: 80x140cm (31x55in).
  • The inner mattress is not included in the product content.
  • It does not contain any dyes or harsh chemicals.
  • It is made from natural white ash wood.
  • It’s design is special. Unlike any other Montessori beds; The ‘house’ style is in the direction of the bed therefore doesn’t take up a lot of space in your room.
  • Joints are specially combined with extremely strong stainless bolts.
  • It’s a 100% disassembled product. It can be disassembled and reassembled as many times as you wish.
  • It does not squeak, no matter how much weight is placed on top, as it sits perfectly on the ground.
  • It is ergonomic.
  • All design and production rights belong to Good Night Kid. Legal action will be taken against those who copy or produce our products.

Long Side Cushion 

  • Width:140cm (55in), Height: 40cm(15,7in), Thickness: 10cm(3,9in).
  • Fabric: 100% natural raw cotton woven fabric
  • Sponge: 30 density 1st class sponge
  • Since it has been produced from pure cotton, we only advise dry cleaning to avoid shrinking.

Short Side Cushion (2 Pieces)

  • Width:80cm (31,4in), Height: 40cm(15,7in), Thickness: 10cm(3,9in).*
  • Fabric: 100% natural raw cotton woven fabric
  • Sponge: 30 density 1st class sponge
  • Since it has been produced from pure cotton, we only advise dry cleaning to avoid shrinking.

Montessori Bed Slats

  • Is the floor covering of the Montessori bed, it is used to cut the contact of the inner bed with the ground.
  • Lenght: 140cm(55in), Width: 80cm(31,4in), Height: 2cm(0.8in)
  • Made from 1st class solid pine wood.
  • It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth..

Montessori Bed Roof Tulle

  • Specially designed for the roof of a Montessori bed.
  • It covers the roof of the Montessori Bed and adds elegance to the bed.

Why the Montessori bed for every child?

Instinctively, every mother wants to give her child the best education. When you become a parent your view of life changes, your consciousness becomes more open and your child becomes your main priority and the only focal point in the universe for you. As a parent, you always want the best for your child’s needs.
In general, your baby’s needs will change for each period as they grow. For this reason, families are constantly in search of a new bed. Considering the whole process, we have developed a bed that can solve all your needs at once. With Good Night Kid’s specially designed Montessori bed, which has side cushions for safety, a single bed will be enough from infancy to adolescence. Therefore you won’t need to buy different kinds of beds as your baby grows.
At the heart of the Montessori philosophy is the idea that “helping children should be done to support them in meeting their needs on their own”. In fact, it is not only the child’s but also the parents’ need to prepare a nursery where the child can go to bed on their own and get up safely when they need to at night. Parents who have prepared a safe bedroom for their child know that this is the most valuable asset as their child will not be harmed. Parents who are not worried about their child getting up and falling in the dark at night, actually sleep more peacefully.
In the daytime, instead of a footed bed that takes up unnecessary space in the room, you will have a Montessori bed on the floor which provides a comfortable play area for your child. You can spend more time with your child, lying down next to your child reading a book or breastfeeding will be much easy and more enjoyable for you too.
The side cushions concept of the Montessori bed is the patented design of Good Night Kid. Thanks to its special design, your child’s bed becomes very comfortable to use and safe. You can cover all 4 sides of the bed from infancy by using the front cushion. This will prevent your child from rolling out of bed whilst sleeping. If you want, you can close the short sides of the bed and the roof with our ‘All-Round closure module’. While you create a more cozy space for your children, you also close the side entrances and exits.
We recommend that you visit our website from time to time to examine the accessories and roof combinations that we have carefully prepared for you.


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