There are some things when you see it, a light shines around you and you know that you need it directly. I don’t know if these things happen to you too, but in my life, these illuminated things are sometimes a sentence you hear, sometimes an object you see, and it can take many forms. Its significance is enormous. These are the milestones that shape my life.

Anyway, if I go back to the subject, that light came on when I first heard of the Montessori Philosophy.

I liked it even more as I researched it. I started to feel regretful about what I did instinctively, and that I did not do. But instead of regretting, I continue to correct myself by saying that it is cardinal wherever you return from the damage.

I think how short life is and that every moment should be lived well. For this reason, I have gathered summary information that can help sleepless parents who do not have time to read big books. I hope it gives you light too.

The way you practice about the education you will provide;

  • Keep your willingness, discovery and understanding of nature in mind, not to convey your knowledge directly. Do not narrow your brain with memorizing information.
  • Every child is perfect. Do not compare. You have noticed the talents that he/she brought with him. It will excite you to see its development potential.
  • 0-6 age period is basic and very important in learning. Don’t start your career by sending it to a good school in high school. Know that everything he learned from the moment he/she was born is very important.
  • The starting point of applying the Montessori philosophy is to help it make it on its own. So create your home decoration for your baby and children.
  • Provide him/her with a mattress so that he/she can be more free and sleep alone.
  • It should have a regular and collective room, aesthetically rich things around it, natural wooden toys, a table suitable for the height, a chair, a cabinet, a bookcase, and the lighting that it can open and close.

So in summary, organize the surroundings for self-sufficiency, respect it, if it matters, love it, wonder it and discover it yourself.