Mounting Guide

Congratulations! You have a wonderful Montessori Bed …

One of the best features of this product you buy is that it is disassembled.

So you can disassemble this Montessori bed when you want, and re-assemble at any time too.

For easy installation, please follow the instructions below:

* 15 pieces wooden profile, 16 pieces of long, 4 pieces of short, total 20 bolts and 1 Allen key are placed in the box sent to you.

* Each wood profile contains point information label at both endpoints as shown in the figure.

* Start the installation from the bottom of the Montessori bed.

* Firstly, group the same length pieces together.

* To assemble the wood profiles, bring together the wood profile ends with the same label on it. The labels should face outward as shown in the figure.

* After bring together the right wood profile ends, start the assembly process using the bolts supplied to you.

* Assemble the corners A1, A2, A3, A4 respectively.

* Then complete the assembly process of  B1, B2, B3, B4 corners.

* Use short bolts on roof profiles to be mounted on corners B1, B2, B3, B4. (Please be carefull!)* Mount the upper arms of the roof profiles at the corners C1(Front) and C2 (Rear).

* Finally, mount the [C1 – C2] profile at the top of the roof with the correct positioning.

Good Night Kid Montessori Bed – Mounting Video

Good Night Kid Montessori Bed – Mounting Video