What does a mother want? – Endless health and happiness of her child…

What does a child want? – Being safe with her mother and getting her eternal love ..

When this is the case, I don’t understand why psychologists, even a child, have not been involved and try to change the instincts of a mother and separate them from each other. Maybe the way our brains work has fed their fears and I don’t know if they’ve gotten defensive. Just being aware is the first turn of every problem to the solution, I see this and follow your own awareness.

I am one of those who started reading books before my daughter was born. I would take notes, underline and then come back again and again. It wasn’t changed when he/she was born. During long breastfeeding times, I accepted the authors of the books as the authority and tried to do what was said. But then I saw that all this increases my stress even more. I can’t, it doesn’t, it doesn’t come from me.  Motherhood is a natural thing. Nobody should be in this special chain of love. Do not interfere, do not interfere, so long as this chain of love continues. Of course, on the other hand, make sure that he/she is safe. When I was a little baby, I didn’t lay it with me because I found it really insecure. It was better to have my cot next to me. But what did I do when it was time to book your room? I slept next to him/her, ensuring his safety. After he/she slept safely, I got up from him/her.  I wanted to like it because… We big people sleep together, husband and wife, that little boy alone in his room… It sounds ridiculous to me. My daughter sleeps with us whenever she wants, or whenever I want her in her bed … isn’t that natural? For this reason, I think of your child when you buy a bed.

Hey, those who know very much, do not enter into this pure love bond… The more interested and admired a child is, the more confident he will be and when he/she is an adult, he will not be a slave to others.